A better solution

From Sydney, Australia, our journey began in 2021 when we set out to create products that solved problems and made life easier for people.

Instead of being driven by passion, we're driven by the customer - creating products customers love leads to win win situations. Due to this every last millimeter of our products are designed with careful consideration to what the customers wants.

After 3 years of endless thinking and countless prototypes, we've launched our first product - Travel Pad. An accessories pouch with an integrated mouse-pad like its name suggests. Soon our second product - Fanning Wallet will be here and even more where that came from.

No matter what we do, we always ensure our products are thoroughly designed, add value to people's lives and look cool so you can be cool.

New Products Coming Soon

Collage of Link Backpack

Link Backpack

Backpacks that connect - literally.

Both the small and big pack work great individually or connected together when you need to carry more.